This web site and discussion forum has been set up for the purpose of discussing a newly discovered correlation between the nuclear binding energy of Ni62 and the electron to proton mass ratio. 

The format of the forum is simple, anyone can join the forum, and have their say. Ultimately the objective is to try and prove the theory wrong, only by the failure to to prove it wrong, will it gain credibility.

Just for fun, anyone making a significant contributions to advance or debunk the theory, will be formally recognised, and will have their name associated with their contribution.

The Starting Point

We start with a set of two postulates, which simply state that no matter can be at a lower electrical potential than the electron, and no matter can be at a higher electrical potential than the proton. Providing these postulates are true, reason leads us to an amazing world, very different from the one we currently believe in.

We believe in a world that happens before our eyes, we probe it with our microscopes and telescopes in an attempt to understand what makes things happen, and refer to ourselves as observers, but if this theory is correct, the observer plays a much more significant part than simply observing. 

It appears likely from, Ground Potential theory that the state of the Universe, may be a function of the observers potential, thereby making the observer more of an active player and cause of events.

I recommend first reading the paper (click green button below) then join the forum and give yourself a brief intro. in the Introductions forum.

I look forward to your participation.

Steven Sesselmann