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MathJax LaTex math script installed

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:59 pm
by Steven Sesselmann
Hi Guys,

I have finally got LaTex working on the site. To start writing math equations is now simply a matter of typing an opening statement and a cosing statement as follows;

For stand alone equations centered on the page like this, place the following statements either side of the expression;


"backslash_start_squarebracket" your equation"backslash end_squarebracket"

(right click on the equation to reveal the script)

For inline equations like this;

Where \(\phi\) is ground potential and \(\Phi\) is the protons potential.

"backslash_start_bracket" your equation"backslash end_bracket"

Here is a sample page with equations, you can right click on the equations to see how they should be formatted;


This should make things a lot easier, so have fun!