Here and thinking...

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Here and thinking...

Post by Steven Sesselmann » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:45 am

Hi guys,

I can see from the page counts how at least a few people click through to ground which is nice, it is also evident that the theory paper has been downloaded over 200 times. I doubt many has actually read it and if they did, did they get it?

I know how little time and patience I have for reading other peoples papers, especially if it is not a subject I am particularly interested in. I might skim over it and make up an opinion, but rarely do I go through the maths and check that it is correct. Well when a paper has not been peer reviewed this is excactly what you need to do, and yes it takes an effort.

Personally I swear by GPT, I think it solves many mysteries in science and opens up a whole new understanding of life and the Universe.

One day I might go through the theory on video, maybe more people will get the idea of GPT and help me develop it further.

The main obstacle so far has been to make people understand the concept of absolute potential, in classical physics potential is a scalar and refers to a potential difference between arbitrary poins A and B, however in GPT I show that A and B has an absolute limit (nothing is more positive than a proton and nothing is more negative than an electron), all that we observe must therefore lie at a definite potential between A and B.

Using this logic I am able to calculate the current value of ground potential and this is indeed revolutionary physics.

Don't risk being apathetic, there is more to discover here than what meets the eye.

Put on the thinking cap...

Steven Sesselmann
Only a person mad enough to think he can change the world, can actually do it...

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