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Gerry Nightingale

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:20 pm
by Gerry Nightingale
First...Hello and Cheers to all! I have some rather unusual interpretations of the relationship of energy (radiant)

and matter, as well as gravity and hope to see how my concepts compare w/ StevenS. own (hopefully there is common

ground to work with here...(there better be, I might get "kicked out" otherwise!!!)


My main interest is in "pure" physics theory. By this I mean examining the primal known forces of the Universe

and how they interact, w/ a special regard to "causality" functions.

I an not happy w/ most modern (post 1955) physics theories regarding particle states...they seem to be gaining

more and more "magical" properties in order to explain "what is seen in the vast distances of the Universe" and I

have little faith in "magic". (Einstein's "old hat" approach to theory still "holds up" for me)

Hey! (Thanks for reading!)

Re: Gerry Nightingale

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:35 pm
by Steven Sesselmann
Hi Gerry,

Welcome to the forum, I agree with you that physics has gone off on a tangent, you say 1955, I say it went off around 1930, so let's not argue about 15 years, which is nothing in a Universe which is some 13 billion years old.

Theory is just theory, the real world does it's thing with complete disregard to what we believe, so we must be humble and acknowledge that theory is just a human way to rationalize the physical world.

Every theory in the past has been proven wrong, so the odds are our theories are wrong too, but if they can do a better job of explaining the world than the old theory, then i'ts good for now.

See you around, and hopefully it won't be necessary to block your IP address ;)


Re: Gerry Nightingale

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:50 am
by Gerry Nightingale
Hello and Cheers to Steven S !

I am busy "wading thru" your stuff (ground potential and so on) and on first read, I am thinking we have somewhat

of a "similar conclusions by different approach" condition...I'm not certain yet (the edges are hazy)

I will write and post a "short version" of my stuff later today if I can. (storms break my link w/dish)


I am jealous and envious to read you have THREE SONS!!! I wish I could say I had children or even one, but being

60 and alone makes this very unlikely...although there is always a chance some boy or girl would need an adoptive

"Granpa" somehow. (I'm still pretty cool for an old guy!) Hey, weirder things than that have happened!.


Thanks for inviting me to your "Site"! (I think you need more though...maybe "Physicist" would like it here, and "Jilan"

(she's in England) would be a great addition!

P.S....this would be the first time I ever "started out" on a physics "site" w/o being "slammed by trolls"!!! Good deal!