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The relationship between protons and prime numbers

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Re: The relationship between protons and prime numbers

PostSat Jun 17, 2017 10:48 am

Hi, I am interested in some Metal Complexs, Ruthenuim, Platinum and D1 ( formerly known as Inverted Deuterium ) They via their ability to handle excess electric charge, seem ideally suited towards a goal of Quantum Entanglement, To produce the ghosting effecting(via displacement) on the penetration of an electron into an atom. So I am interested in the rest of the Primes in the table as featured
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Re: The relationship between protons and prime numbers

PostSun Jun 18, 2017 2:53 pm


Thank you for your interest in the prime number hypothesis.

The science of Metal complexes is outside my field of knowledge and I would have to do some more reading before I can make comment on your question.

Finding the prime number connected with any isotope nucleus is however quite simple, it is simply the sequential prime number that matches the number of nucleons inside the atom.

Here is a Google Spreadsheet I prepared where you can look up the prime number for any of the known isotopes. ... sp=sharing

Pay attention to the prime gaps, because this is what I believe determines the size of next building block as it needs to be >= the gap.

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