Is There a Limit to Electrical Potential Difference?

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Re: Is There a Limit to Electrical Potential Difference?

Post by Steven Sesselmann » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:52 pm

Gerry Nightingale wrote:In reply to Steven S.

"Communicate effectively"...and use scientific terms. The drawback w/ this is I am not a scientist, nor have I any ambition to be recognized as such. I am trying to describe things as I see them and believe them to be, and I obviously am not doing that very well. And that's okay...all I can do is my best, Steven.
Gerry, I disagree, you are a scientist, because you are interested in the natural world, not being part of the establisahed "scientific" network, doesn't mean you are not a scientist.
Gerry Nightingale wrote:The "scientific community" is completely unreachable, and in any event NOT interested in "new theory" from the likes of me. "They" are quite happy w/ things as they are! Can it be you think otherwise? (maybe you will be lucky, it's been known to happen...but I would not expect it)
You need to speak their language otherwise they won't understand.
Gerry Nightingale wrote: The "potential of gravity" exists at all times, at any "frame of reference".
The "actuality of gravity" is made manifest by the existence of matter at any "frame of reference".
The "potential of radiant-energy" exists at all times, at any "frame of reference".
The "actuality of radiant-energy" is made manifest by the interactions of matter and mass, at any "frame of reference".
Sorry, but there you go again, introducing four new terms without defining what they mean, I can't understand it, neither will anyone else. Why don't you take one of those terms, and work on defining it for a whole week, so you can come back to me and say "Potential of Radiant Energy" means...

If you were a researcher for a University, you would be writing a whole paper with 3500 words for publication, about your newly discovered definition called "Potential of Radiant Energy".

Physics is already complex subject so it can't easily be explained with a few shots from the hip, each claim you make needs to be consistent and correspond to observation.

You have a long journey ahead of you, I started 30 years ago and I am just starting to get my head around what makes the world go around.

Steven Sesselmann
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Gerry Nightingale
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Re: Is There a Limit to Electrical Potential Difference?

Post by Gerry Nightingale » Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:56 pm

In reply to Steven S.

Sorry...but I did try. Someone may understand me at some point...but I don't see it happening soon, and at sixty

my time is running out.

I am okay w/this, as my personal life is very unhappy, sorry to say. My concepts will likely vanish w/me, and the

idea of this used to be very distressing...I am "okay" w/ it now. (someone else will "see what I see", I just wish that

my name was on it first!)


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