Particle Surface Potential

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Particle Surface Potential

Post by Steven Sesselmann » Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:46 pm

It seems pretty obvious to me that particles have a surface potential, well allthough they may not have a surface in the same way we think of a macroscopic surface, there is nevertheless a radius at which the surface potential is well defined.

As we know the potential energy or mass-energy of protons and electrons it is easy to define this surface potential.

The electron has a mass-energy of 511 keV that's kilo electron volts, and since we are talking about 1 electron, it should simply be a matter of deviding the energy by 1 electron ie..

511 kilo electron volts
----------------------------- = 511 kilo volt surface potential
1 electron

In the same way we can say that the surface potential of a proton is 938 million volts. This enormous potential is due to the fact that these particles want to combine and annihilate, which they can only do if and when they are at the same potential.

Strange as it might sound, the relative surface potential of the electron and the proton is a function of the observers potential, and this intricate relationship between loose protons, electrons and matter at different potentials, is what creates the fascinating interactive world we live in.

It's almost like downhill skiing, one takes the skilift right up to the top of the mountain (proton is created with 938 MeV) then we get to ride the hill back down, and by borrowing energy and changing our own potential, we can actually choose the way back down, giving us a limited amount of free will. Choose to go for the suicidal straigh down, or traverse the hill and make your energy stretch further, the choice is yours.

Potential is your friend, conserve it and use it wisely...

Steven Sesselmann
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